About ACT

Atlanta Crimson Tide Youth Sports Association is a team and organization that is designed to develop young student athletes (football players and cheerleaders/dance) through football and cheer. As a member of the Western Conference of the National Youth Sports Association, we believe the personal and academic development and impact of our student athletes leads to the development and impact within our communities. Our Association is committed to providing a safe, positive, professional, and competitive environment for our student athletes, parents, and supporters.

OUR VISION is to develop young men and young women with Character, Competence, and Confidence on and off the field.


After years of experience in youth football we decided to build a team and association that will bring professionalism and leadership to youth football. This is a team where our participants will not simply play football, cheer and dance, but they will develop Character, Competence, and Confidence as young men and young women on and off the field.

CHARACTER - possessing positive thoughts, words, and actions on a consistent basis. Your character is the real you when no one is around.

COMPETENCE - possessing a proper understanding of and the ability to play winning football.

CONFIDENCE - possessing trust in yourself, your teammates, your coaches, the program, and the process.

We Live by Three Core Values

  • Integrity (Honesty, Truth)

  • Discipline (Positive Habits and Consistency)

  • Humility (Teachableness)

WE Statements...

  • We pride ourselves in creating a safe environment of competition and class.

  • We promote ACT and do not participate in trending political issues or social activism.

  • We support and partner with parents/guardians in developing our youth to be leaders on and off the field.

  • We prepare our youth for the next levels of life and football.

  • We pride ourselves on establishing a culture of academics firsts, then football.